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The Single Engine Instrument rating (SE IFR Group 3) allows a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) in a single engine aeroplane. Island Coastal Aviation Inc. offers a SE IFR Training Program following the guidelines set out in the Canadian Aviation Regulations. The minimum requirements are:

  • •  40 hours of instrument time, of which a maximum of 20 hours may be
  •        instrument ground time (sim time).
  • •  One dual cross-country flight (under simulated or actual IMC conditions) of a
  •        minimum of 100 nautical miles. The flight is to be conducted in accordance
  •        with an IFR flight plan to include, at two different locations, an instrument
  •        approach to minima.
  • • 50 hours of cross-country time as pilot-in-command in aeroplanes.
  • •  Pass mark of 70% on the written test (INRAT) and successful completion of a
  •        flight test.

You must hold a Canadian Private or Commercial Pilot's License for admittance to this course.

The number of hours that you will take to complete the flight training will depend on number of hours flown per week, weather, etc.

Island Coastal Aviation Inc. provides a 3-Day-IFR Seminar as preparation for the written exam administered by Transport Canada.

Estimated Training Cost:(based on minimum completion time):

  Cessna 172
$222/hr dual (sim $135/hr dual)
20 Hours dual Instruction
20 Hours simulator Instruction
Ground briefing
3-Day IFR Seminar
Transport Canada Written Exam Fee
Flight Test Examiner Fee
Licensing Processing Fee
Total Costs: (exclusive of applicable taxes) March 2015 $8,425.00

All costs INCLUDE fuel surcharges, insurance, etc. Only applicable tax is not included.