Courses Detail


This course is a recognized 50 hour Professional Seaplane Training Program designed to meet the requirements of seaplane operators and insurance companies from around the world. This program consists of 25 hours of dual seaplane training and 25 hours of solo practice. This training can be accredited to your Commercial Pilot License Training.

You will start off by learning the basic seaplane techniques included in the 7 hour Seaplane Rating which includes 5 solo take-off and landings to meet the Seaplane Rating requirements and then hone your skills with the 18 Hour Seaplane Proficiency course.

The second part of the course is 25 hours of solo PIC where you can develop and practice your new skills.

NOTE: at the instructors discretion some students may require more dual training prior to being allowed solo privileges. If more dual training is required, cost will be higher than shown.


  • A.  Taxiing
  • B.  Sailing
  • C.  Docking
  • D.  Takeoffs and landings including busy rivers, lakes, tides and currents.
  • E.  As conditions exist, operations on glassy water, rough water and in
  •      crosswind conditions.
  • F.  Ramping and Beaching, mountain and bush training.
  • G.  Mooring and anchoring (where available)
  • H.  Step-taxiing and single float takeoffs
  • I.  Emergency procedures, survival equipment
  • J.  Seaplane maintenance
  • K.  Cross country planning and flight
  • L.  Low Level Navigation

Estimated Training Cost:(based on minimum completion time):

25 Hours Dual Seaplane Training
25 Hours solo PIC
5 Hours Preparatory Ground Instruction
COST OF 50 HOUR COURSE: $12, 995.00

Note: * Minimum hours are quoted-individual students may require additional time. Canadian Seaplane Rating fee of $30.00 paid by the student directly to Transport Canada. Above prices do not include 5% GST Tax

*Price includes all fuel, oil, headset and insurance costs. There are NO hidden or extra fees. Accommodations are available if required