Courses Detail


7 HOUR Basic Course


Must be a minimum 16 years of age and a holder of an appropriate license and valid medical.

This basic course consists of: a minimum of 7 Hours of floatplane training and 3 hours of Preparatory Ground Instruction.

  • - A minimum of 5 hours of dual instruction.
  • - 5 takeoffs and landings as sole occupant of the aeroplane.


  • A.  Taxiing
  • B.  Sailing
  • C.  Docking
  • D.  Takeoffs
  • E.  Landings
  • F.  As conditions exist, operations on glassy water, rough water and in
  •      crosswind conditions.

COST OF 7 HOUR COURSE                                                      $2195.00

Note: * Minimum hours are quoted-individual students may require additional time. Canadian Seaplane Rating fee of $30.00 paid by the student directly to Transport Canada. Above prices do not include 5% GST Tax

*Price includes all fuel, oil, headset and insurance costs. There are NO hidden or extra fees. Accommodations are available if required. Testimonials