Courses Detail

Description and Organization

This program is designed for people of all ages to explore and experience the world of aviation throughout a fun and exciting series of flights during the period of one-week. Many have the dream of flying and this camp introduces the means by which this dream can become a reality.

The Program Goals

  • - Provide a safe and convenient environment by which people can experience flying.
  • - Provide a motivational insight into the career of a professional pilot.
  • - Provide a once in a life time experience to explore the wonders of British Colombia from above.

  • The Flight Camp will be conducted at our flight School facilities located at the Pitt Meadows Airport, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and will include 1 hour of Ground School, 1 hour of Flight Simulator training and 8 hours of dual flight training with one of our Transport Canada certified Flight Instructors.

    Flight Camp Cost: $1995.00 CAD Plus 5% GST Tax.

    Outline of the Camp

    Day 1 to Day 3 – Basic Pilot Training.

    • - 1 Hour of Ground School to understand basic principles of flight. 1 Hour of Flight Simulator Training.
    • - 3 Hours of Basic Pilot Training to develop an understanding of basic operations and control of an aircraft, including the maneuvers of attitudes and movements, straight and level flight, climbs, descents, turns, slow flight and stall maneuvers.

    Day 4 – Review of Basic Principles.

    • - 1 Hour of Landing and Takeoff practice.
    • - 1 Hour flight review.

    Day 5 – Cross-Country Flight 1.

    • -- 1 Hour Flight over Vancouver city and harbour and return to Pitt Meadows Airport.

    Day 6 – Cross-Country Flight 2

    • - 2 Hour Flight to Harrison Lake, Chilliwack Airport and Abbotsford Airport. Return to Pitt Meadows Airport.


    The aircrafts the students will be training in will be a Cessna 172 and/or Cessna 152. The Cessna 172 is a high-wing, four-seater aircraft and the Cessna 152 is a high-wing two seater aircraft, well known for providing the smooth and balanced flight-handling characteristics with a cruising speed of 90 Knots. All our aircraft, engines and Avionics are maintained to the highest standards by a maintenance organization certified by Transport Canada.