Becoming a pilot is a dream that many have and if you are one of them then a pilot training course at Island Coastal Aviation, Canada can prepare you for a bright future in aviation. The demand for commercial pilots is growing due to globalization and expansion of the aviation industry. The number of people with recreational flying interests is also increasing. Whether you want to become a commercial bush pilot float plane/seaplane pilot, airline pilot or want to fly for fun, pilot training at Island Coastal Aviation can help you realize your dream.

Island Coastal Aviation is considered one of the best flight schools in Canada and they offer a wide range of flight training courses. They specialize in Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot courses, Airline Pilot training, Bush Pilot training, seaplane/float plane training, Tail wheel and Aerobatic training.

If you are looking for the right flight training course in Canada then you have to come to Island Coastal Aviation in Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada.  Let us help you realize your dream of becoming a Pilot.

Training from the Best

One of the important things you need to look for in a course for pilot training is the right instructors. It is essential that you learn from someone who has years of flying and flight training experience.Island Coastal Aviation Inc. was established by Tom Dry brought in 2008 as an airline flight training school, bush pilot school, seaplane/float plane training school, fire patrol, fishing patrol and scenic tour business located at the Pitt Meadows Airport. “We have recently added a new partnership for tail wheel training and they will soon add aerobatic instruction”.

Update:Tom sold Island Coastal Aviation Inc  in 2015 and is now the manager and Chief flight instructor for the bush pilot, mountain and seaplane/float plane training division”.

Tom started his flying career more than 50 years ago and has many thousands of hours of flying experience and business experience.His flying experience includes commercial flying, coastal mountain bush flying and more. His has experience on aircraft on wheels, tail wheel, seaplanes, glider towing and helicopters and has taught Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, mountain flying courses, bush pilot training and seaplane/float plane training for students from all over the World.He has also worked as a business owner including aircraft engine/race car engine shop owner, aircraft maintenance repair shop owner, aviation tourism Marketing manager, Operations Manager, Person Responsible for Maintenance, Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Bush Pilot, Seaplane/Float plane Instructor, Mountain Flying Instructor and has experience flying fire patrols in the Coastal Mountain range of BC, fishing patrols and wildlife patrols in the mountains, lakes and rivers of BC and the Pacific ocean surrounding Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC.

What Pilot Training Involves

At Island Coastal Aviation Inc, we strive to provide the best pilot training in Canada.  We specialize in pilot training courses of all types. With a personalized training course you will gain knowledge and expertise in the type of flying you want to do. We offerprivate and commercial pilot courses, 7-hour Seaplane Ratings, 15hour Proficiency Seaplane courses and 50 hour Professional Seaplane and also Mountain & Bush Pilot courses.

The “West Coast Bush Pilot” flying course is one of the most popular pilot training courses we offer. Our pilot training course will include everything from the fundamentals of flying to the practical,real world flight experiences. In flight instruction will give you real-life flight training environment that will help get your PILOT career started.

Our aim is to provide complete training, which means you will gain insight into every aspect of the aviation industry including customer service and a code of ethics.

Why Choose us

Choosing the best pilot school is very important if you want to become one of the best pilots in the world. Island Costal Aviation Inc. provides the best training courses for students from all over the world with the help of highly experienced instructors and the best maintained aircraft in Canada.Our fleet includes a Cessna 172 on floats, Cessna 172 on wheels, Cessna 150 on wheels, Cessna 152 on wheels,a Cessna 140A (tail wheel) and a Decathlon aerobatic trainer (tail wheel). We are constantly striving to bring the latest and the best flight training to you.

Once you complete your flight training you can train with us as a flight instructor where you will be eligible to work for Island Coastal Aviation Inc as an entry level flight instructor. “We offer employment to our graduates” Many of our past instructors are now working for airlines around the World.

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Join the best pilot training school in Canada. Just check our testimonials and read the comments for yourself. Call us today: Office: +1 (604) 465-5560 Mobile: +1 (604) 454-8162 and our excellent customer care service team will help you find the right training course for you.

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