My name is Aurelio Garcia Munguia, I arrived at Island Coastal Aviation at the beginning of March 2015, and my dream was always to become a pilot, unfortunately in Mexico I could not finish because of various problems.This gave me the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful country as it is Canada, full of friendly and professional people. I finished my private and commercial license in 8 months with the support of all members of the school who helped me in every question that I had with a smile, always seeking my success. At Island Coastal Aviation I achieved fully my dream of flying and won a family in the process.

Aurelio Garcia Munguia, Mexico
Aurelio Garcia Munguia, MexicoPrivate Pilot Licence and Commercial Pilot Licence

A great flying experience shared with great people! I suggest every foreign pilot to come to ICA and have a really good time flying in one of the best countries in the world.

Daniele Cappellato, Italy
Daniele Cappellato, ItalyPrivate Pilot License

Since coming to Canada in 2000 I have been dying to renew my PPL. At Island Coastal Aviation I was introduced to Tom and Alistair. Both gents went the extra mile to ensure I was well equipped for the task ahead. Professional, thorough and flexible, they made it easy for me to complete a Canadian PPL. I enjoyed the process and would gladly recommend this flying school to anyone, young or old, to spread their wings and fly. Thank you Alistair for your guidance in the air and Tom for your tutoring on the Ground School items. Kristene on the other hand is the glue that keeps them all together and with her friendly, professional help, makes the transition into flying so much easier.

Steve Coetzee Coquitlam, BC
Steve Coetzee Coquitlam, BCPrivate Pilot License